Herbal Bubble is another trademark product owned by Zephyr Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. Herbal products of Nepal are well known and accepted in different countries of the world. We as a company always look to think out of the box. Hence, we started with an idea of creating a unique formula of herbal shampoo specifically for dogs.

We all know our fur friends do not mind getting dirty may it be while playing with their human friends or their own canine counterpart. That is the innocent beauty of their personality and we too do not want to stop them just for the shake of avoiding dirt on their bodies. Plus, it is a routine hygiene thing that every dog owner would know, that how important is it to groom the dogs in timely manner.

So, valuing this scenario, we came up with a shampoo product by name HERBAL BUBBLE which is again 100 % natural and effective. Our qualified human resources and their expertise proved to be a winner as our products received excellent feedback from the dog owners of our market. For all the organic product lovers, the product was a delight as the shampoo was free from harmful chemicals which may show immediate results but with a long term side effect.

The main herbal ingredients in HERBAL BUBBLE are Aloe Vera, Artemisia Vulgaris (Titepati), Emblica Officinalis (Amla), Azadirachta Indica (Neem).

Benefits :

  • Better nourishment of dog’s skin.
  • Makes the dog’s fur smooth and silky.
  • Makes the dog’s hair strong and prevents hair fall.
  • Prevents ticks and fleas.
  • It is 100 % natural so no worry of chemical side effects.

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