CHEESTICKNature’s gift for your dog from the himalayas is a trademark certified and veterinarian recommended brand of dog chew owned by Zephyr Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. At an altitude above 5900 meters, the Himalayan ranges of Nepal surrounding Mt. Everest is a natural habitat for a special breed of cow locally named as Yak. These Yaks throughout their life cycle gaze upon only the special herbs present at that altitude, hence the milk coming from them contains large proportion of nutrition. An ancient recipe passed down through generation of local farmers uses traditional cheese making techniques to mix the Yak’s milk with salt and lime in favorable natural environment to make a bar shaped and smoked rock hard cheese.

Our company works closely with large network of farmers who carry out the process of above mentioned ancient recipe to produce the raw materials of CHEESTICK. We provide them with deep scientific knowledge to make the end product lactose and gluten free. We also facilitate them with latest state of art tools and technologies to make the process systematic and efficient. The raw materials produced are then shipped to the manufacturing unit in Kathmandu, where they are sterilized and then given a perfect shape and size suitable for the dogs of different sizes and breeds.

Every single piece passes through a meticulous quality assurance procedure before being shipped internationally. To meet the international standards we also inspect the products in government authorized laboratories namely: Department of Food Technology and Quality Control, Ministry of Agriculture Development, Government of Nepal; and Department of Livestock Services, Ministry of Agriculture, Government of Nepal. The original version of the final report generated from those laboratories are packaged along with the consignment to the consignee.

Since all of this hard work is for the love of the dogs and respect towards the sentiments of the dog owner, so we take strict measures to deliver only the products which pass the quality test. Further, there are no binding agents and artificial flavors. Therefore CHEESTICK is 100% natural and organic.

Benefits : 

  • Very tasty and long lasting.
  • Reduces the irritation caused by teeth agitation in growing dogs.
  • Can be given as a dental stick chew to keep the teeth healthy, strong and clean.
  • Keeps the dog busy and happy.
  • No worry of chemical side effect.

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